I’m Daniela, the owner of Fili di Poesia

My job is to transform your emotions into matter. In my sculptures I combine wire, copper, brass, precious textiles, pearls and crystals. Through them I express the personality and originality of my clients, and for this reason no piece is like any other.

If you seek elegance and timeless beauty, if you wish to be memorable and unforgettable, Fili di Poesia is for you.

My story

Fili di Poesia was born 10 years ago

but it is the result of years of experience and experimentation with different materials and techniques, combined with my passion for art, history, and literature

After graduating from the University of Milan with a MA in Literature and working as a teacher, I discovered the creative opportunities of wire art during a holiday in Northern France.

The first sculpture I ever made was a gift for my newborn nephew, eleven years ago, to represent the joy that our entire family felt. At heart, Fili di Poesia has always been about expressing love and gratitude and celebrating life’s milestones with loved ones.

For this reason my creations are always unique, personalised, and most importantly timeless.

Through the years, the brand Fili di Poesia has established itself in the wedding sector, as well as in design, participating in events such as The Love Affair (2019, 2021), being featured in magazines and blogs, and crafting handmade sculptures for clients all around the world.

My values

Sustainability has always been a core element of my brand. As a small business, the selection of all materials is made with great thought and care, choosing only environmentally-conscious suppliers and vendors. The selection of vintage and brocante objects is not only a stylistic choice, but also a statement against wastefulness and unsustainable mass production.

I am greatly inspired by nature and the landscapes of my area, the region of Lake Como- with its mountains, wilderness, and of course its scenic lakes. Flowers, foliage and woodland creatures often make an appearance in my sculptures. 

Let’s keep in touch

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Unique, one-of-a-kind creations and sophisticated customised pieces to capture the essence of your special moments. 

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